Mapping Tool for Integrated Database among Hospitals

About Customer

Customer is a leading consultant in Food, Agriculture as well as Healthcare domain situated in Netherlands. Customer provides consultancy to healthcare domain to analyse the market and provide sustainable solutions resulting in stable market control.    


Customer was in the need to have data integration capabilities to create a dynamic workflow for managing healthcare transactions. The healthcare sector has a highly vulnerable environment that is subject to numerous constraints. Customer found a gap to meet these constraints, improve performance and deliver value to the clients. They wanted to map each disease with the patented standards so that data could be integrated with methods for improving service performance. Therefore an automated solution was required that could integrate all the patient information and provide a standardized method for mapping the diseases.


iFour Consultancy, a prime software outsourcing company in India, built a Mapping tool which helps customer to map each and every disease with one or more patented standard which helps them to classify and code all the diagnosis, symptoms and cure. Here are some of the major features of the tool:

  • Document Portal

  • This portal imports pdf as well as word file and adds the remark for searching.

  • Manual and Automatic Search Ability

  • Searching management has a functionality of Manual search a thread of words as well as Automatic search from whole document.

  • Keyword Search Facility

  • This utility finds exact word as a part of a term, word as part of term, exact term from document and yields advanced search.

  • Mapping portal

  • This portal is able to search amongst multiple standards at a time. Tool allows mapping from Document to Database as well as Database to Document.

  • Own Database Search

  • Database module allows user to develop Own Database from which a customised mapping is performed. Tool synchronizes database every time user logs in and deliver updated results.

Technology Used:

Type Website Desktop
Web Server IIS
Programming Language ASP.Net(C#) Framework 4.5 ASP.Net(C#)
Database Management Server Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server Compact
Architecture MVC WPF
Client Technology JavaScript, JQuery JavaScript, JQuery
Version Control SVN and TFS SVN and TFS
Security Azure Login Azure Login


With the customized and sustainable solution provided by iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., customer helps its clients in healthcare domain to map each patient’s data with one or medical standards. By exerting this tool clients are able to frame each document in standard way which helps them improving efficiency while communicating to associate hospitals.