Customer Requests Management System

About Customer

The customer is a major service provider based in the Netherlands. It specializes in the various sectors such as Care, Welfare and Safety. It offers a wide range of technologies that assists numerous organizations in running and managing their operations efficiently and effectively. It aims at eliminating risks associated with the implementation of IT infrastructure. They also provide Professional management as a service along with the implementation of the IT infrastructure.


The client handles a wide range of customers as it is active in huge domains such as safety, care and welfare. This makes the customer management cumbersome and difficult for the client. As the number of customer is vast, the number of requests raised by each one of them turns out to be enormous in number as a whole. This requires a solution in order to handle its customers efficiently and effectively.

Certain technical issues faced while project implementation were AD integration, Exchange integration, FRS HEAT integration, Windows workflow management (WF), Request management using WF , Process Monitoring such as Workflow Tracking, Error Monitoring. Various techniques and technologies such as Active Directory Domain Service, Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS), and various web services could cater to such technical issues.


As an answer to the business challenge faced by the client, iFour Consultancy, a leading software outsourcing company in India, built a packaged and a sustainable solution with numerous features that could let the client eliminate the challenges that it was facing.

Following are the features that the solution provides:

  • Client Module

    It provides functionalities to handle the data of the client itself as well as data of client’s employees effectively. It enables management of organizational data, such as contracts, contact details, workflow management and products. Billing and reporting can also be managed by the client using the software solution.

  • Request Management Solution

    It aims at managing the data of various types of requests. The requests can be in the form of a Requesting a new Employee, Requesting for Changing Employee information, Requesting a Product etc.

  • Task Solution

    It manages the Request task for Approval or rejection. Client is enabled to insert comments with requests as well.

  • User management

    This functionality assigns access rights to create users and defines its role. Considering an example, Employee is allowed to access request management system, following are the Users and Roles assigned to the user:

    • Users - Manage User with its role
    • Roles - Manage System Roles with Authorization
  • Product Catalogs

    This feature provides the main functionality that is to manage the Products, Catalogs and Categories. The product information, prices, codes, categories, catalogues and the auditing information is stored and managed.

  • Active Directory Management

    It is essential to authenticate and authorize the users of the system. This feature provides the capability to manage authentication, authorization, creation and updating of employee information. 

  • Exchange Server System

    This feature enables users to work with email messages, calendar, task, and contact information, and allow programmatic access to mailboxes, public folders, and public folder mailboxes.

  • Import Management Module

    It is important to handle the import data. This feature lets the client to manage imports data for managing its operations. The import data includes Import Contract Product Price, Products, Product Orders, Employees, Organization and users.

  • PowerShell Script Solution

    Client is enabled to manage the Power shell scripts for AD and Exchange Operations.

  • Error Monitoring

    It lets the client manage the system error that occurs.

Technology Used:

Type Website
Web Server IIS
Programming Language ASP.Net (C#) Framework 4.5
Database Management Server Microsoft SQL Server
Architecture MVC / Entity framework
Client Technology JavaScript, JQuery
Version Control SVN


The software package provided as the solution has given the optimal business solution to the client. It has let the organization maintain the customer requests and related information. Audit trails for retrospection are also maintained. The shorter request life cycle has made the functioning of the request processing rapid. Larger number of request are handled as compared to the initial time before the adoption if this solution. It has also improved the workflow management of request. These features and functionalities have enabled the client to perform better and efficiently hence improving its position in the global market.