Asset Management System

About Customer

Our customer is a Dutch based company that specifies and identifies all digital and physical objects. Customer’s major focus is on life cycle asset management and provides ways to optimize the project management life cycle and total efficiency of the project.    


Customer realized the need to have proper asset utilization and the ability to compare the project models in order to optimize the resources. There was a need to focus on approaches that could calculate the project risks, cost, replacement costs, deadline, goals etc. The customer was in need of a tool which could help them reduce Time-To-Market of business application, provide flexibility in adapting to the business changes, reduce project risks, provide total control and management of applications and lower the total cost of ownership. The need of the hour was to improve the usability, adoption and performance.


iFour Technolab Pvt Ltd., a leading sustainable software outsourcing company in India, built an effectual and robust solution to optimize the Life Cycle Asset Management. The Solution comprises of the following features:

  • Role Based Access to users based on assigned roles i.e. Global admin and Account based admin.
  • Creation of users inside the accounts to create models with different requirements and potentials.
  • Login to the tool portal with respective credentials.
  • Basic model

  • Risk management through risk matrix and widgets.
  • Cost management through calculating cost elements and visualize cost in table structure.
  • Analyze the goals with visual graphical representation with target line and predictions.
  • Creation of projects/assets based on rights to build a basic model and scenarios with respect to the assets i.e cost, goals, risks etc. This feature provides synchronized result for better decision making.
  • Import assets from external sources such as excel, csv or text file format with predefined layouts.
  • Scenario model

  • Creation of scenarios with graphs and export tables to create a comparable view with the base model.
  • Creation of user friendly reports with filters in which the parameters can be set according to the requirement of the project.
  • Manage and edit the assets from the scenario part as well.
  • Export assets to pdf, png files and excel files. With this, one can share reports in predefined format with all comparable parameters and feedback to find out the impact of assets on the project.
  • The application is Multi-lingual.

Technology Used:

Type Web application
Web Server IIS
Programming Language ASP.Net (c#) Framework 4.6.1
Database Management Server SQL Server
Architecture MVC / EntityFramework
Client Technology JavaScript, Jquery, DhtmlX (Treegrid, Gnatt chart), Datatable grid, D3 chart control.
Version Control TFS (Team Foundation Server)


iFour Technolab Pvt Ltd provided a sustainable solution for Asset Management that gave the customer the ability to understand the impacts of various parameters on the project’s Risk, Cost, Performance and Goals. The complex planning of the project is now simplified with proper visual representation of data. The tool is user friendly and it allows the customers to enhance its decision-making process at various stages of the Project Management and in turn satisfies its valued customers with proper delivery.